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Minimalistic pack for YouTube - official license

More about licenses; The contents of the pack are available below; You can pay via: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Discover

Sorry for the quality of the gif examples. In the package, all fonts and elements look sharper, elements have almost the same size. In the examples, I deliberately bring the zoom closer.

Video cards that help redirect your traffic to social networks or to any resources on the Internet:

37 social networks

Elements encouraging viewers to interact with your channel in order for YouTube algorithms to better promote your video:

Elements that help the viewer to visually recognize the nickname (login or part of the url) of your social networks:

37 social networks

Elements that help to correctly quote (show) someone else's video in your video:

An element that displays a link or text associated with your social network or website:

Upon purchase, if you add your actual WhatsApp number, a free add-on to the current pack will be available to you.

The next additional update: the addition of colorful effects when clicking on a button: like, subscription, bell.

P.S. The update will be sent to you in WhatsApp around January-February.


Through 6 years of collaboration with many channels, I have identified the needs of most YouTube channels. Easily redirect your YouTube traffic to your website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. More details below. Buying this pack, you help me release cool new products for YouTube vloggers. Thanks to everyone who supported me!

Problems and solutions:

1. There are no elements calling to watch the video from the tooltip (function "card"). I have solved this problem for many content authors, and made many beautiful elements for the "card" function. Redirect traffic to your videos, not someone else's!

You can also redirect traffic from old videos to new videos, thanks to the "card" function and special elements from the pack. After all, we all know that for your new video to be promoted by YouTube algorithms, it is important to get as many views as possible in the first 24 hours.

Through the "card" function, you can redirect your audience, for example, to Instagram by connecting your domain. I have made a unique instruction on how to do this. The instruction is unique, I highly recommend reading it after purchasing the pack.


To see tips (cards) - watch videos from the browser on your PC or mobile Youtube application. Cards are not available in mobile browser.

2. Another problem for most YouTube authors is that there are no beautiful elements on the market in one minimalist design that call to subscribe, like or leave a comment. In "Minimalistic pack for YouTube" there are these elements that call to action.

3. If you take an excerpt of someone else's video for citation, according to YouTube rules, you must indicate the source.

To avoid any claims from YouTube or the author of the content, there must be your voice-over, and an element showing from which channel the element was taken (URL of the video or the full name of the video of the original source). The "Minimalistic pack for YouTube" contains these citation elements

4. Some creators shoot content in 1080p and 4K. The problem is that for each video format you need to either adapt elements from different packages. I solved this problem and added 1080p and 4k elements to make editing videos easier and faster.

I tried to make a pack with the most necessary elements for youtuber. With 110+ elements, “Minimalistic pack for YouTube” should suit any channel.

It took over 6 years to analyze YouTube market needs!

Invest in increasing channel activity. YouTube's algorithms notice channel activity and promote videos much better.

If you have any questions or wishes - write to me on WhatsApp: +1-646-980-6431

By purchasing a license, you also help me write more and more articles on YouTube, including algorithms.


More about product content: The package includes 40 rendered elements in .MOV format with alpha channel (no background). These elements are suitable for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Davinci Resolve and many other editing software that support .MOV files with an alpha channel.

110+ elements in .AEP format can be edited in Adobe After Effects + Video instruction.

You can edit* the files you need in Adobe After Effects, render them in .MOV format without a background (with an alpha channel), and paste the files into your favorite video editor.

*write your own text/change the avatar/slow down or speed up animation

If you have any questions about the "card" system on YouTube, I am ready to provide support. SUPPORT:


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