How to transfer traffic from YouTube to your resource directly from the video

I'll show you how to effectively transfer users to Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks right from your video without using a description. Users are too lazy to jump to the description while watching a video, so the number of transitions is very small. This instruction is unique, and therefore the ctr of transitions will be several times higher than the ctr from the description. Also, you can effectively ask for one-time donations, for example, on PayPal.Me, this feature will pay off your content creation costs.

Here's an example of such a video:

To redirect traffic, we will be using the “cards” feature on YouTube.

1. To increase the efficiency (CTR) we need this pack of effects for video.

2. The "card" function does not support links to social networks, so we have to register an domain, add a domain to YouTube, and install a redirect generator on the site hosting (if you have never worked with domains and php scripts, then I am ready to help you).

3. After domain registration and purchase on this page: we confirm the domain. Alternative instructions for adding a domain from google.


4. After confirming the domain, you will need to install the redirect generator script on the hosting (site).

5. That's it, you can insert any links to any site into the generator (, copy the generated link, and paste it into "cards" on YouTube, into any video fragment. What you need to do after installing the script and purchasing a website with a domain:

Your social network link -> you insert the social network link into the link generator on your domain -> get the generated redirect link -> insert into any video fragment via cards to videos.

(link generator web page on your site)





If the instruction is complicated for you, then I am ready to help you. You only need to verify the domain with YouTube studio. What is included in my services:

1. Purchase of a domain and registration in the .com or .fun domain zone (1 year + renewal is possible *).

2. Purchase of hosting and connection to a domain (1 year + renewal is possible *)

4. Uploading the YouTube confirmation html file.

5. Installing the php script on the site with the installation of the MySQL database (installing the link generator).

6. Sending a link to the site with a username and password to you.

You can embed any link to the site in the "card" function on YouTube.

My work time is about 4 hours.

The cost of installing a PHP-MySQL script is $110 with domain and hosting renewal for 1 year (approximately: $9.2 per month, cheaper than a Spotify subscription).

Additional domain and hosting renewal for another 1 year - $80. If you have any questions, you can ask them by writing to e-mail: After payment, I will contact you during the day and get to work.

P.S. In the personal account of your site, you will see detailed statistics of conversions.

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